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The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is a marine protected area located in the middle of Sulu Sea in the Philippines, at the heart of the Coral Triangle - the geographic center of the world marine biodiversity. Recognized by the UNESCO as World Heritage Site since 1993, it is home to no less than a thousand of animal species, including 600 fish species, 360 corals species, 11 sharks species, 13 dolphins and whales species, 100 bird species, and also nesting hawksbill and green sea turtles. It was recognised as one of the Philippines’ oldest ecosystems, containing excellent examples of pristine reefs and a high diversity of marine life. 

The spots

A typical expedition starts from either the north atoll or south still on the first dive day, and ends in the other atoll on the last dive day. Some dive spots worth watching out for in the North Atoll are Shark Airport (for sharks), Malayan wreck (fish, parrotfishes, sharks), Seafan Wall (gorgonians and turtles), Wall street (fish and sharks), Amos Rock and Washing Machine. In the South Atoll are Dalsan Wreck (sharks), Blackrock (hammerheads) and Staghorn point. Jessie Beazley is another spot that may be visited if currents are permitting. It has the most diverse marine life among the reefs.

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Other destinations in Palawan

If you’re interested in exploring other parts Palawan please feel free to contact us so we can work something out. We are constantly looking for new destinations for our itineraries. Below are some of the destinations we are offering. We also accept other destinations for chartered trips.
• Tubbataha Reefs
• Cagayancillo and Calusa
• Cuyo
• Calamianes Group of Islands
• Apo Reef
• Honda Bay and Langogan
• El Nido and Linapacan
• Pandanan and Bugsuk
• Balabac